Rental Guidelines

For Renters
  1. Only dripless candles can be used in the museum.
  2. Do not pull tables or chairs across the floor, they must be picked up when being moved.
  3. All tables must be folded and put back in the kitchen.
  4. All chairs must be stacked and put in the back room.
  5. All trash must be COMPLETELY REMOVED from the premises.
  6. Do not attempt to pull down the doors separating the rooms or the blinds over the windows.
  7. No tape, staples, pins, etc can be used on the walls or ceiling to put up decorations.
  8. If alcohol is being used, please be sure it is wiped up if spilled on the floor.
  9. All doors MUST BE locked upon leaving.
  10. Air conditioner/heater must be turned completely off prior to leaving.
  11. All tables and chairs rented from some other place must be removed from the museum by 7:00 a.m. the morning following the event; unless on a weekend and then must be removed by 7:00 a.m. on Monday. – note if there is an event the next day during the weekend, then they must be removed by 7:00 a.m. the following morning. Example: If your event is on a Saturday and there is an event on Sunday, then the tables and chairs must be removed prior to 7:00 a.m on Sunday.
  12. All food and liquids must be removed from the refrigerator.
  13. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is to be dumped on the lawn, unless it is water ONLY.
  14. NO CIGARETTE BUTTS are to be put in the flower boxes or flowerbeds.
  15. Do not bother anything in the front closet (that is the guild’s property)

NOTE: If bird seed or any other items is/are thrown at a bride and groom upon leaving the museum, please be sure that there is not an excess amount on the sidewalk. This could cause someone to fall and hurt themselves.

For Caterers
  1. Caterer is responsible for their own paper towels & cleaning supplies (the museum does not furnish these).
  2. ALL food & liquids MUST be removed from refrigerator before leaving.
  3. ALL trash must be put in trash bags (IF renter has told you that you are responsible for removing trash, it MUST be removed completely from the premises & not put in the trash can outside the building).
  4. Kitchen must be clean before leaving.
  5. ALL dishes, tables, linens, etc MUST be removed from the Museum prior to 7:00 a.m the day after the event.
  6. All flowers and decorations that caterer was in charge off must be removed from the premises prior to 7:00 am the day after the event.
  7. Wooden tables belonging to the museum are not to be used unless they are covered with a cloth; however NO liquids are to be put on the tables.
Reasons for Deposits NOT Being Refunded
  1. Tables not being put back on carts & moved back in the kitchen area (as found).
  2. Chairs not being stacked back in the kitchen.
  3. Any type of tables or chairs left in the side foyer facing the library or blocking any exit door.
  4. Trash or food left in the building or outside of the building (it must be completely taken off the premises).
  5. Damage done to the floors, walls, ceiling, tables, chairs, etc during the renter’s event. 6. Food left in the refrigerator.
  6. Doors left unlocked when building is unattended.
  7. Air conditioning or heating left on. Unit must be turned OFF, not turned down.
  8. Lights left on in the building.
  9. Trash can left outside the building.
  10. Alcohol spilled on the floor and not gotten up (this causes damage to the floor coating).
  11. Tape put on the floors, walls, doors, etc.
  12. Shades pulled down over windows.
  13. Attempt to pull down wooden partitions between two rooms.
  14. Beer bottles, paper plates, glasses, etc left outside on the lawn, porches or steps.